North American Interior Door Manufacturer About Us: Portes ID Doors


Quality products are fundamental for the production of our interior doors, thus ensuring superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Portes ID Doors is devoted in offering unrivalled quality products and first-rate service. It begins by certifying the selection process of all its raw materials and organizing all door production activities, from the careful choice of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product in order to provide the best service, all in compliance with the strictest health and safety standards. It continues by offering the customized and flexible service Portes ID Doors is known for.


Of paramount importance is the ethical integrity and utmost respect that Portes ID Doors holds for its customers and employees.


Portes ID Doors’ mission is to lead the interior door industry with integrity by innovating and manufacturing a wide variety of highly crafted interior doors, offering personalized service and a selection of high-end products which exceed all expectations.


Portes ID Doors offers Italian designed high-end interior doors in the residential, commercial, industrial and architectural series, Fire-rated between 20 -90 minutes.

Our aim is to become the benchmark for state-of–the-art and quality interior doors for Canada and the United States.